Kokane – Most Featured Artist in the World


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When you speak of greatness & world record breakers,  you can’t help but to mention Muhammad Ali , Michael Jackson , Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley , Willie Nelson , Jackie Robison , lil Wayne , Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre etc. These public figures define what the heart of a champion means & what it means to be a “World Record Breaker” with no limits. Usually, the confidence of a future World Record Breaker’s, started from humble surroundings. There dedication to their craft and to achieving the impossible, started in their childhood with a dream. Maybe these athletes and musicians wanted to escape the poor condition of a suppressed environment. Or maybe, when they were young , they had big dreams and hopes of doing something great in life to make their mother proud. To be a world-record-breaker means, you have achieved the highest plateau of excellence, in your ability to be #1, in your particular profession until someday beats the records.

Well all over the world, this mysterious artist named Kokane, has lended his talents to some of the most creative, incredible, chart busting icons in the game: such artist like; Dr Dre, P-Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Ice cube, Busta Ryhmes, etc. The wait is almost over! KOKANE just broke the WORLD RECORD, for becoming the “Most Featured Recording Artist” of all time, out of all genres of music. Budeboyent will be releasing Kokane’s 1k documented features , from His extensive featured catalog, Friday September 29th, exclusively at mostfeaturedartist.com. Some of the biggest names in the music industry; as well as indie artist from around the world, used Kokane signature sound on their projects. There’s songs you may know or may not know; featuring Kokane…

At the end of #MFA Campaign, Kokane will be releasing his “Full Featured” catalog, with more features. We encourage all fans and researchers to do a in-depth Fact-check. Be Inspired by 28 yrs of hard work, from the Legendary Kokane.. Also Pick up Koka’s new album “It’s Kokane not Lemonhead” at Budeboyent.com online store…. Quote from Kokane: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF , NO MATTER WHAT.

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